1. to go out, to come out.
2. to appear, to come into sight; to come into being; to happen, to occur; to become available; to be published, to come out of press, to be released.
3. to rise (sun, stars).
4. to blow (wind).
5. to end up as, to finish as.
6. to be produced, to be obtained.
7. to go away, to leave.
8. to to be spent, to be paid out.
9. (ـ تىن/دىن ) to come out of, to appear out of, to be born among.
10. (ـ تىن/دىن ) to leave, to depart from; to separate from.
11. (ـ تىن/دىن ) to be liberated from, to free oneself of, to shake off.
12. (ـ تىن/دىن ) to take as a starting point, to proceed from, to act out of consideration for; to fulfil, to satisfy, to meet.
13. (ـ تىن/دىن ) to come out of joint, to be dislocated (bone).
14. (ـ قا/غا/كە/گە ) to go out to.
15. (ـ قا/غا/كە/گە ) to go up, to ascend, to climb.
16. (ـ قا/غا/كە/گە ) to board, to take, to travel on (vehicle).
17. (ـ قا/غا/كە/گە ) to be elevated to, to rise to, to be promoted to.
18. (ـ قا/غا/كە/گە ) to obtain, to possess, to access to.
19. (ـ قا/غا/كە/گە ) to get married to (woman.
20. (ـ قا/غا/كە/گە ) to appear in, to play [a role].
21. (after an adjective) to prove to be, to to end up being, to be.
22. (ـ پ ) indicates thorough or deliberate action.

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