1. to stand.
2. to stand up.
3. to get up.
4. to stop, to stay, to stand.
5. to stay, to reside, to inhabit.
6. to be located, to be situated, to be positioned.
7. to be in existence, to be around.
8. to survive, to be still alive.
9. to remain, to keep, to last.
10. to get stuck, to stay without moving.
11. to come to a standstill, to freeze, to be dumfounded.
12. (ـ تا/دا/تە/دە ) to stand by [one’s word], to keep [one’s word or promise], to maintain [one’s point of view].
13. to wait.
14. (ـ قا/غا/كە/گە ـ ) to choose [either of several possibilities] (usually in the imperative form and repeated, with a meaning similar to “either…or”).
15. (in ماق form only) not only… but also, not only…but even.
16. to surprise by being…, to shock by being…
17. given that [someone is…], in spite of the fact that [someone is…], in view of the fact that [someone is…].
18. (ـ قاندەك، ـ غاندەك/كەندەك/گەندەك/دىغاندەك ) to appear to, to possibly [do], to perhaps [do].
19. (ـ قىلى/غىلى/كىلى/گىلى ) to start to, to begin to.
20. (ـ اي/ەي/مىكىن دەپ ) to plan to, to intend to, to be about to.
21. (ـ پ ) [to do] often, [to do] continuously.
22. (ـ پ ) [to do] as a first step, [to do] for the time being.
23. (in the ـ پ form after ـ پ) as [one does], while [one does].
24. (ـ قان/غان/كەن/گەن/ ـ پ ) [to do] clearly, to do [do] (emphatic). 25. (in the ـ پ form, usually repeated) see تۇرۇپ II.

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